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Try our 24-hour LIVE chat support first....

We have a highly trained support team working 24-hours a day to provide instant chat support to you, 365 days of the year.

Simply log into your TekMatix dashboard, and click on the 'chat box' symbol on the bottom right of your screen.

You can either use the search bar to look for one of our help guides, or select the 'Chat' button to open a live chat with one of our Teksperts.

Our Teksperts are real people, so although we aim to respond to you within seconds, there may be a few minutes wait at busy times.

Our team are absolutely passionate about helping you succeed and increase your tech knowledge.

If you cannot get your question answered from our live chat support, then you may like to book a FREE 15min support call OR hire a Tekspert as your very own Tech VA for just $50!


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Hire a Tekspert for VA Services


You can hire our Teksperts by the hour as your very own tech VA’s!

Simply hire them as you need to help you with any tech, by booking here

TekMatix YouTube Channel

The channel features a variety of videos, including step-by-step tutorials, demos, and interactive sessions that help users learn the ins and outs of TekMatix. The channel aims to simplify complex concepts and features of the software and provide easy-to-understand explanations to its viewers.

TekMatix Help Articles

In addition to the help guides inside your chat box when logged into your account, we also have a suite of separate help articles that walk you step by step through different TekMatix features and answer common questions we have received in our Facebook group or emails.

Interactive Help Prompts

Every page and feature inside your TekMatix dashboard has a live interactive help prompt.

Whatever page you are on, click the guide on the top right of your screen and a pop-up will explain that feature for you.

Our FREE TekMatix Set-Up Course

This course gets updated regularly and walks you through every single step of setting up and using your account to its full potential. It includes in-depth screen-share videos that walk you through and explain every feature on the platform so that you get to ‘PRO level’ fast!

Hire a Verified Independent Consultant

Work with our independent consultants! We have a selection of verified independent consultants who can help you with your TekMatix setup and ongoing maintenance.

Live Weekly 'Tek Tool Box' Workshops

Join our FREE live weekly 'Tek ToolBox' sessions where our Teksperts will walk you through feature demos and answer your questions about TekMatix.

Done-For-You Services

Get Done-For-You Set-up, Website Building, Set-Up, Tech and Migration Services

We will do ALL of the hard work for you!

If you want us to set up your site, build your website or migrate your whole business over from other platforms - our team of in-house Teksperts will do everything for you.

These are paid services.

For billing and account enquiries

Contact (please always send questions about your account or billing to the email support rather than the Facebook group, as we cannot collect nor communicate your private account information in a public forum). This email account is monitored by multiple staff 24 hours a day.


Timezone: Perth/Singapore


Timezone: Perth/Singapore


Timezone: Perth/Singapore